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SME Finance Forum: Covid-19 virtual roundtables

During this time of unprecedented crisis, the SME Finance Forum, as a global SME finance community, is committed to supporting its members and partners. It organises weekly Virtual Roundtable Series that FCI members have access to as FCI is a partner of SME Finance Forum.

The SME Finance Forum hosts an hour-long Webex-based Virtual Roundtable Series for Members on COVID-19 crisis. Each meeting features a speaker, who describes their institution’s mitigation actions and efforts. Speakers present for the first 10-15 minutes, and then we open the floor for discussion to share best practices and concerns in this challenging time. Hence, the weekly sessions are organized to provide our members with opportunities to share and learn from each other’s experiences in a continuous and real-time basis.

Upcoming one are:

  • May 14 - DFIs Preserving SMEs Liquidity and Solvency (to be announced)
  • May 21 - SME Finance Businesses Thriving amid Chaos (to be announced)
  • May 28 - Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in COVID-19 (Part II) (to be announced)
  •  June 4 - Insurance: Sheltering SMEs from COVID-19 (to be announced)You have also access to Online Repository Weekly Summaries of those virtual roundtable.

More information is available here