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Contract & Rules: The key elements for correct Factoring & Supply Chain Finance transactions
FCI Academy Legal Webinar: “Contract & Rules: key, for correct Factoring & Supply Chain Finance transactions”
2 August 2022

With the support of the FCI Legal Committee, FCI Academy is pleased to introduce a new training topic addressing the key legal issues in Factoring & Supply Chain Finance, covering important matters present during initiating & monitoring a factoring and/or a reverse factoring transaction.

The training format will combine industry experts' presentations and interactive Q&A sessions, during which participants can ask questions and receive direct replies. Moreover, a panel discussion is expected to create awareness of the main legal challenges faced in the Latin America & Caribbean region.

The Training is primarily meant for all FCI members and other factoring professionals in Latin America & the Caribbean, and other Spanish-speaking countries, as most of the programme will be conducted in Spanish!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the various components of a factoring agreement
  • Learn about the FCI 2-Factor legal framework (GRIF), a secure operations environment for cross-border factoring transactions.
  • Understand the legal challenges in Supply Chain Finance and learn how FCIreverse, FCI’s new business line, can support you!

Main Topics

Components of a Factoring Agreement
The FCI General Rules for International Factoring (GRIF) – the resilient framework for cross-border factoring
Supply Chain Finance Legal challenges & FCIreverse
Legal Challenges in the LATAM & Caribbean Region

Speakers & Presenters

Ms. Aysen Cetintas, Education Director, FCI 
Mr. Alberto Wyderka, FCI Americas Regional Director
Mr. Richard Stehl, Chairman, Otterbourg P.C.
Ms. Marina Azzara, Leader-International Factoring, Banco Supervielle; FCI Education Committee member
Ms. Monica Martin Blanco, FCI Supply Chain Finance Consultant

Who Should Attend

This training will benefit those involved in the legal departments of Factors & Banks and everyone involved in business development, credit, risk & operations functions. The programme has been designed as such to cover most legal issues both from a legal but also from a business perspective.

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