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Credit Observatory virtual event: Credit scenarios in the post-pandemic era
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A global event has changed, and is still changing life.

Unlikely this will not have consequences on economy, finance and therefore credit. Transitory? Permanent? Structural? With what force of impact?

Banks, together with corporates and insurances, discuss credit after pandemic.

  • Peter Mulroy, Secretary General of FCI, associating 400 factoring and financing banks as members in more than 90 countries, representing nearly 60% of the world’s international factoring volume,
  • Daniel Rath, Head of Corporates at Raiffeisen Bank International in Vienna, 45.000 employees, servicing 17,2 million customers, present in 13 markets in Central and Eastern Europe,
  • Vinco David, Secretary General of Berne Union, the international association of export credit and investment insurers, providing risk protection equivalent to approximately 13% of annual world trade,
  • Laurent Gourevich, Head Financial Institutions at Coface, providing insurance and risk management, with a team of 4.300 experts, present in 100 countries, able to offer cover on risks in +200 countries,
  • Laurent Steiner, Head of Credit&Trade Finance at ArcelorMittal, with more than 190.000 employees the largest steel manufacturer in the world,
  • Peter Bacon, Operating Partner at Atlas Holdings, 24 manufacturing and distribution businesses in the United States, Germany, Italy, U.K., Spain, the Netherlands, France, Chile, Mexico,
  • Alfredo Spadaro, Chair at Swissdacs Group, present in all 28 E.U. countries and in Switzerland as advisor to banks and corporates in financial risk engineering and supply chain finance optimization,

Together at CREDIT 2021, May 11th, 2021, 4pm CET, free registration Register here  or at