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Director Spotlight - Mr Thompson Lui
Director Spotlight - Mr Thompson Lui

In this series of Director Interviews, we asked our directors to answer a few questions to get to know them a little better. In this edition, we speak with Mr Thompson Lui, FCI's Regional Manager South and Southeast Asia.

What got you started in the industry?

One of my previous employers was an approved vendor to General Motors, and one of the banking partners was Bank of America NA; I think you can all connect the dots how I started working for GMAC.

What were the key highlights and opportunities of 2020 from an industry perspective in trade, receivables and supply chain finance?

One of the key highlights in 2020/21 is the primary relocation of global manufacturers and global brands shifting their sourcing needs to diversify and mitigate risks. Take Google's parent Alphabet as an example; now she makes Pixel in Vietnam, Smart home products in Thailand, Cloud and Nest products in Malaysia and Taiwan, where diversification and de-concentration have played significant roles in this long process. This relocation process presents challenges and lots of opportunities for emerging nations in South and Southeast Asia in SCF and RF industries. This also brings lots of new potential business to these new markets.

How do you feel about the digital transformation in the industry? 

I can say my expectations are pretty rational after taking experience from the DOTCOM bubble. In the beginning, everyone had unrealistic expectations towards how .com could transform our world, and shortly afterwards, disappointed by its burst. Now, 20 years later, we all enjoy online shopping, streaming, WFH and video conferencing. Similarly, like any other significant transformations that affect our world, I see this as a process and a series of milestones. Still, eventually, it will benefit all one way or the other.

What was your first car? 

Many of you have heard this before from me about my first car, but I will repeat here anyways: it was an old GM sedan that cost me USD200 that I bought from a mechanic who put this automobile together using parts from other cars. She drew lots of attention on campus cause the muffler often fell and made sparks just like you have seen in FI racing; her engine would shut down while making a right turn after stopping in front of a stop sign; her windows refused to open, but she helped me move my old mattress and belongings back and forth from campus to home a few times with my best buddies each lending "a hand" holding it to the roof. I said "goodbye" to her while watching her being towed away after driving my father for the first time in that sedan and leaving him stranded in North York. She carried a 2.8L V6, BTW!!!

What is your favourite movie? 

Each of us got a list of favourite movies and, when asked, often spilt out several, but it isn't easy to just name one. I struggle too to name one, but I will name "Dances with Wolves", starring Kevin Costner. Anyone that has watched it needs no explanation. So, to those who do not fancy movies touching North American history, humanity and Kevin, watch it.

We want to thank Thompson for letting us get to know him a little more and look forward to finding out more about our other directors in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!