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European Business Lenders Forecast Spiralling Fraud Rates to Continue into Next Year
European Business Lenders Forecast Spiralling Fraud Rates to Continue into Next Year
30 November 2023
  • 89% of lenders surveyed noted an increase in fraud last year
  • 81% expect this increase to continue this financial year

Lenvi Riskfactor, the leading provider of risk management software for the receivables finance industry, announced the launch of its 2023 European Fraud Readiness Report. The report reveals a detailed picture of how fraud has affected receivables finance lenders in recent years, how it might affect them in the future, and how strategies to prevent fraud are being developed in four key European markets: the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Germany.

Almost nine out of ten (89%) respondents across the four markets noted an increase in fraudulent activity against their businesses in the last year; with more than eight in ten (81%) expecting a continued increase through the current financial year (23/24).

This issue is compounded by the perception that fraud is becoming even more sophisticated – a trend reported by almost three-quarters (73%) of all responding receivables finance lenders. As a result, lenders are increasing their budgets for fraud prevention, by an average of 39% year-on-year.

In spite of this, even the lenders with the highest confidence in their fraud prevention abilities – some 40% of respondents – estimate that they fail to detect one in every four fraud attempts made against them. Nearly a third (30%) of lenders believe they were unable to detect half of all fraudulent activity in the past year.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the financial year, 70% of all receivables finance lenders recognise fraud to be a significant risk for their business; with this figure rising to 83% for lenders with less than 250 employees.

Whilst increased spend on fraud prevention does little to mitigate concerns, there is a clear link between a lender’s adoption of technology and the extent to which their business is concerned by the threat of fraud. 84% of lenders with a predominantly manual-led approach to fraud prevention note fraud to be a significant or high risk, dropping to 70% among lenders with a technology-led approach, and 66% for those firms utilising a blended strategy. 

Please click here to download the report in full.

Ahmed Amin, Lenvi Riskfactor Sales Director, comments: “Whatever strategy lenders deploy to try to address and repel the growing threat of fraud, this is no time for complacency. Instead, companies need to develop and refine approaches to fraud prevention, based on an effective combination of technology solutions and human expertise – and a willingness at the top of the business to take responsibility for addressing and mitigating fraud risks. Businesses in the receivables finance industry will need to be diligent and endlessly watchful if they are to continue to protect themselves and their customers from fraud risks in the years to come.

About Lenvi, Member of FCI

Founded in 2023, Lenvi is a fintech specialising in B2B consumer and commercial lending software and solutions. It combines global expertise, market insight and end-to-end services to provide loan management software, risk management software, mortgage and loan servicing, standby servicing, and Know Your Customer (KYC). Lenvi is part of Equiniti and was formed from EQ Credit Services, EQ Riskfactor and EQ KYC Solutions.

What is Riskfactor?

Riskfactor is Lenvi’s highly successful risk management software, using unique risk metrics to boost operational efficiency for businesses. Riskfactor is used globally by receivables finance providers and asset-based lenders to manage risk, reduce fraud and maximise efficiency.

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