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Factoring Professionals from CEE and SEE Regions met in Zagreb
10 March 2023

This week, the factoring professionals from CEE and SEE region met in Zagreb, Croatia. On Tuesday afternoon 7 March and Wednesday morning 8 March, FCI organised its yearly conference called this year “Trade and Receivables Finance Summit in CEE Region”. 120 participants discussed several subjects including the state of the industry in the region, evolution of technology, its impact and how we see its future, Environmental and Social Sustainability and its impact on Supply Chain Finance, legal and regulatory challenges, Islamic International Factoring.

The event was opened by FCI Chair lady Ms. Daniela Bonzanini and Ms Renata Samodol, Executive Director, Prudential Supervision Area of the Croatian National Bank. Opening the Summit with two ladies during the month of the Woman Rights confirms the evolution of the position of women in Trade Finance. Each panel discussion also included at least one woman. Mr. Cagatay Baydar, during its panel on Digital Innovations in Receivables Finance, reminded the International Women’s Rights Day and congratulated all the women present at the conference.

The CEE and SEE regional conference high attendance confirms the need of the region for a yearly conference. This year again, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBDR) was present and partnering the conference. Mr Rudolf Putz, Head of Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) shared with the audience the effort from the institution to support trade in the region. He also highlighted how EBRD can help its partners bank to guarantee the payment risk. A real case study of TBC Bank and Armswiss Bank using FCI Two-Factor System edifactoring.com was presented to explain the structure of such transaction.

The local association, the Croatian Chamber of Economy was also partner of the conference. They promoted the conference to their local members (30% of participants came from Croatia) and presented on the Impact of macro-economic issues in trade and receivables finance.

Several lively panel discussions were organised and described to attendees the visions from senior professionals.

The successful Summit was followed on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning by a seminar organised by FCI Academy: Technical Aspects in Open Account Receivables Finance: Solutions for continued growth in challenging times. The two-half day seminar allowed the participants to discuss practical details and cases. FCI Academy seminars are always very interactive and bring practical knowledge that participants can use when they return to office. The focus was on Receivables Finance and Reverse Factoring including products, benefits, risks, challenges and opportunities as well as the role of trade credit insurance and the new technologies enabling business development in supply chain finance. The seminar was attended by 60 participants. The concept of organising both events back-to-back helped the participants to decrease their costs as they limited travel and could join both events. To learn more about FCI Academy activities, check its website.

To see a photo impression of the event, please check here

FCI would like to thank its institutional partners EU Federation and SME Banking Club, its media partners BCR, GTR and TFG and a special thank to its sponsors CODIX, efcom, QUALCO, COMARCH, Lendscape and OTP Banka