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FCI welcomes new member in Nigeria: Fiducia Data Services Limited
7 June 2023

Fiducia is a platform that connects corporate buyers, suppliers and financiers in a digital marketplace where invoices can be financed and traded. By leveraging the credit profiles of their corporate buyers, Fiducia provides suppliers access to lowest-cost financing while preserving the liquidity of corporate buyers.

For corporate buyers and suppliers alike, Fiducia strengthens cashflow without impacting client on-balance sheet loan profiles. For financiers, Fiducia provides access to a deep pool of previously overlooked corporates and newly de-risked suppliers seeking financing.

Fiducia is thoroughly compliant with Nigerian and leading global best practice data protection regulations. Accessible across a range of devices Fiducia leverages technology to link businesses to a wide network of alternative funding sources concurrently. Following the highest standards of data privacy and security, the Fiducia funding platform is also supported by an effective legal framework adding to financier protection.

Fiducia’s transformational proposition is attracting the interest and support of leading African financial service partners. Today, Fiducia’s financial services and funding partner ecosystem includes many of Africa’s top developmental finance institutions, equally committed to solving Africa’s supply-chain finance challenges.

Fiducia is the game changer that will assist historically underfunded SMEs and mid-sized corporates in the region access formal capital markets driving broadly inclusive transformational growth.

For more information on our services, please visit www.myfiducia.com.