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Knowledge is power, Educate your staff today
FCI Academy 2023 Term 3

Following an impressive rebound in 2021 stemming from the global pandemic, the Factoring and Receivables Finance industry produced record-breaking growth in 2022. This growth is proof that Factoring and Receivables Finance are growing in demand and it is essential that companies train their staff to grow this product.

The “FCI Foundation Course on Factoring” is the most popular, globally recognized e-learning course in Factoring. It is the first step in FCI’s “Career Path” programme to become a factoring professional. It provides an overview of factoring, including a brief history of the industry and information about FCI as well as details on the different types of factoring, benefits, methods and mechanisms of the two-factor system. Moreover, it focuses on the main aspects of Seller Selection & Management, introducing the student to the risk elements of Factoring. Students can take this course in Chinese, English or Spanish and those who pass, receive the FCI Bronze Certificate on Factoring.

The “FCI Career Path” education program is a cohesive, member-only, three-level development process which supports staff from their first step as “new entrants in the receivables finance industry”, until they become highly qualified “industry professionals”. It is a unique, globally acknowledged, career-focused learning plan and has been accredited by the London Institute of Banking & Finance.

This course is only available to FCI Members. Registration for the Foundation Course on Factoring closes on 27 September with the course starting on 2 October, so register today by clicking here.

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