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TFG Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021
Women in Trade

We are excited to announce that our media partners, Trade Finance Global, have today launched Women in Trade 2021, a campaign spotlighting nearly 50 women in global trade, as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

The hub also features FCI’s Education Director Aysen Cetintas.

This year’s call to action for International Women’s Day is all about the power of becoming alert. By slowly changing who we see in the media, the toys our children play with, and other small aspects of everyday lives, we are challenging the status quo. Little by little we are breaking down those unconscious biases that start with our children drawing girls as nurses and boys as astronauts.

The ideas from the trade world of harnessing gender equality wins, being alert to situations where no gender-dimension is perceived, and celebrating our female role models and pipeline, are just small steps to addressing a gender equal world. Choosing to challenge requires all of our innovative might, thinking to the stars and beyond.