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Why On-Demand Learning is the Future of Education: Embracing the Power of Flexible Learning
New courses available on FCI Academy On-Demand

FCI Academy On-Demand – Register today, Pay today, Start today.

New working models have been developed to ensure business continuity in light of the pandemic. Organisations and employees are now becoming more standardised and flexible in their approach, adopting hybrid, home and remote working models that allow for effective human resource management. Our industry is also moving towards these transformations, as we have received feedback from our members and stakeholders highlighting the need for flexibility in HR management, working hours adjustments, and personalised learning.

On-demand learning is the need of the hour, as it effectively aligns training with employees' specific needs. It provides them with adequate learning material that enables them to develop new skills, support their personal growth, and deliver better results. It's a win-win for everyone!

The shift to making most of our courses available on an "on-demand" basis has been a significant milestone. Now, any student can start any course within minutes after completing the registration and fee payment process, paving the way for a future of flexible, personalised, and effective learning.

We have a wide range of courses now available under FCI Academy On-Demand, namely: 

We believe that our move to on-demand is one of our competitive advantages. FCI Academy remains committed to this principle and will continue to support our Receivables and Payables Finance industry by offering high-level & effective learning at the moment of need!

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