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Edifactoring.com and Operations Webinar from FCI Academy

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Online - Webex (CET Time)

FCI Academy is pleased to invite you to the “Edifactoring.com” Webinar (2 sessions), aiming to provide all new members and the new staff of experienced members with all basic knowledge on the communication platform of FCI and enable them to start and operate their two-factor business efficiently.

Participants will be able to familiarize themselves with Edifactoring.com messages, their legal implications and the operational framework of the two-factor system.  In addition, they will learn more about monitoring the operational risks by using the edifactoring reporting system.

All participants are expected to actively take part in the session by using the various interactive tools of the webinar platform. A Q&A session shall follow at the end, answering all questions.

This specific Webinar is better suited, due to time zone, for participants coming from Europe, Middle East & Africa. Participants from other regions are also welcomed to register.

Note: prior to the above, a test-session will be performed on Monday 15 March 2021, 14:00 CET, to ensure that all participants face no connection issues. Our online learning events are delivered via WebEx using VOIP (teleconferencing is not used!).