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Introducing the Technical Committees – Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Committee
Introducing the Technical Committees – Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Committee
26 March 2024

The Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Committee is a group of experts established to analyse how FCI can play a more significant role in developing other products offered by institutions such as Supply Chain Finance, invoice discounters, and forfaiters. The committee's primary objective is to help FCI add value to these products and design its future to align with the market's needs.

The committee is comprised of a team of highly experienced professionals chosen from among FCI's members. These experts bring their expertise and industry insights to the table, and their collective knowledge is instrumental in achieving the committee's goals.

One of the committee's current focuses is promoting and supporting the FCIreverse platform. FCIreverse is a cloud-based platform that enables the automation of reverse factoring processes, making it easier for companies to manage their cash flows and access financing. With the committee's support, FCI aims to expand the platform's reach and functionality, providing even greater value to its clients.

Overall, the SCF Committee's work is critical to FCI's success, as it helps the organisation stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant in an ever-evolving industry.

Currently, the members of the Legal Committee are:

  • Mrs. Monica FERNANDEZ BARBERO (Caixabank, Spain), Chairwoman
  • Ms. Christine CHARTIER (National Bank of Canada, Canada)
  • Mr. Ilyas KHAN (Citi, UK)
  • Mr. Simon PETERMAN (Raiffeisen Factor Bank, Austria)
  • Mr. Victor PORTILLO (Banco Monex S.A, Mexico)
  • Mrs. Dorota SZCZEŚNIAK (Santander Factoring Sp. z o.o, Poland)

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